Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Baghlan civil society activists and the Civilian Arbitration Protection Network in the province are concerned about the increased civilian casualties in the fighting between the conflicting sides in the province.

Activists say public places such as the barricades are being used by the conflicting parties in the province.

Baghdad civil society activist Navid Shakurzadeh says 20 civilians have been killed and 45 injured in past battles in the province.

Shah Zaman, a professor at Baghlan University and civil society activist, says hundreds of families have been displaced in recent battles and dozens more have been destroyed.

The Baghlan civil society activists criticized the relief agencies, saying they did not help the families.

Baghdad-based rights activist Nadira Nahrinwal says the majority of civilian casualties in armed conflicts are between women and children.

The women’s rights activist urges the conflicting parties, especially the Taliban, not to use public housing such as a barricade in armed conflict.

Rahim Aria, in charge of the Committee to Protect Civilians in Baghlan, has called on the parties to the conflict, especially the Taliban, to consider protecting civilian lives in the fighting.

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