Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Some sources in Baghlan have said that Allah dad Fedayee Baghlan Police chief has been wounded in the battle with the Taliban while the group launched a massive attack on Baghlan Kunduz Highway. The sources say: “After the heavy Taliban attack on the Kunduz-Baghlan highway, the Baghlan police commander had gone to the area with his subordinates to pull off the attack, but he was wounded in the conflict and now he is transferred to the hospital in Baghlan.”

The clash started today on Friday when the Taliban announced their military operation this afternoon under the name of Al-Fath. It is said that the Baghlan- Kunduz highway is now closed and there are intense clashes between the two sides. The MoI has not yet stated their views on this issue.

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