Kabul- Pasbanan

Baghlan Police says: Security forces in the Talah and Burfak area of this province prevented kidnapping of engineers who were in the construction of the district’s building. Zabihullah Shuja, spokesman for police in this province told Pasbanan news agency: “When the engineers wanted to move back to Doshi district of Baghlan after checking the site, they were targeted by terrorists. But Tala WA Burfak Police forces were able to rescue engineers with a few hours’ resistance .According to Mr. Shoja’s words; the event took place in Dahan-e-Estema region.

Zabiullah Shuja continues to add that 2 armed Talib militants have been killed and three others have been wounded. In addition, the amount of the weapon has been crippled by police and the bodies of terrorists remain at site of the event. Baghlan Police spokesman said that there were no injuries to the people and the police.

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