Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ahmad Shakaib Zaheer

Although the Ministry of Education announced two weeks ago that the 13-year-old student beating case was examined by the ministry officials in Mazar Sharif while the school manager of Abu Rihān al-Biruni school was accused in the case, the ministry officials have said that this case would be investigated jointly with the Attorney General’s Office, the latest reports from Balkh indicate that the head of education in the province is attempting to create a ban against the implementation of justice in accordance with the mentioned case. According to local sources in Balkh: “Ali Allah Amiri, head of education in Balkh, had promised to address the case of little Mirwais, a 13-year-old student at Abu Rihān al-Biruni School. But after two weeks passed off the incident, the Balkh Education Directorate prevented the referral of the case to the General Prosecutor’s Office. ”

The source continues to say: “Mr. Amiri, instead of trying to implement justice and correcting the shortcomings and challenges in schools, has told the family of Mirwais to solve this problem by their self withholding the ethnic Jirga. Now, people are worried about the fate of their children, who are beaten up by teachers in schools. With the pursuit and implementation of justice, in this case, the head of education can gain people’s confidence in schools and education. ”

With much effort, we could not contact the head of education in Balkh, and so far the Ministry of Education has not expressed any comments on this issue, but the Ministry of Education spokeswoman Nooria Nuzhat told the constabulary that this case will soon be resolved. And the results will be shared with the people.

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