Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Balkh Police Chief said the gathering of illegal weapons in the province has increased the number of non-responsible groups of more than 20 different weapons. Balkh security officials say the equipment has been sent to the DIAG after being collected. Balkh Police Chief Abdul Raqib Mobariz has also said: “Balkh Police Command forces have also collected unlicensed vehicles from the unofficial and bullies in this province.”

Meanwhile, Balkh Police Chief informs that more than 20 suspects have been arrested on charges of using these weapons and vehicles. Meanwhile, the head of the DIAG process in the northern zone of the country has stated that the presence of irresponsible gunmen has increased in the north of the country. The program is being carried out by the Balkh Police Command, in a time which had been involved with police forces for several hours since the introduction of the new Police Chief of the province, the armed gunmen affiliated with the Chief Executive of the Jamiat Islami Party, in which several military personnel were killed and wounded.

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