Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

We might be surprised to see a lady driving a car, but now in Bamyan province, which is the cradle of civilization and culture, women are driving cars. In a country where a lot of women are in trouble and can’t even walk easily on city roads or go to university. But this time the Bamyan women are breaking the coffin and driving a car in the province saying they no longer need men.

Bamyan women officials say nearly 60 women graduated from a two-month driving course. According to the Bamyan Women’s Affairs Officer, they also attended a women’s and girls’ training course and can now drive alone.

At the same time, the driverless women say they feel proud when they pull up the car and no longer need men. The women say that women need doctors as well as women who need a female driver.

Although the women are worried about the street being harassed, they say they continue to work.

Some of the women say they are ready to ride in the city if they are not harassed on the roads in Bamyan.

Bamyan is one of 34 provinces in the country that has made significant progress lately, particularly in the area of ​​women’s work and development, compared to other provinces in the country.

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