Pasbanan- Kabul:

Maybe for the first time in Kabul, for protection of social values and safeguarding women, identity police has been taken a valuable step. For the first time “Bismillah Taban” PD 9 chief has ordered his subordinators by writing a letter to avoid sending suspects to Jurisprudence for virginity examination.

He has written in this letter: “as we have heard some complaints from national and international valuable media reports and also people especially women have complained to us, in some cases police is sending some suspects specially women for having virginity test, to jurisprudence they are doing this step for finding evidence in crime scene; and this process is used in appearance of suspects being immoral.”

Mr. Taban has wrote this letter to Department of Suppression of Criminal Offenses and urged them: “due to medical science this theory is not eligible, and from another perspective it will cause social losses for the suspect and also it is cruelty and gross violation of women’s rights it is seriously ordered that in case of seeing such circumstances please collect all other evidence from crime scene, but if someone claims rape or Adultery Consider the virginity examination as one of the proofs of crime. Otherwise, do not inflict any defamation on the individual’s dignity and limit human rights and freedoms of the citizens.”

This order of PD 9 chief for his subordinators is now welcomed by women activists, they emphasized that this act will help to safeguard human rights and especially women rights which will have a good effect on the society. Meanwhile, Mr. Taban has warned if anyone does not obey his orders he will be punished by law.

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