Pasbanan- Kabul:

May be a few people were thinking that afghan government had a plan to stop fighting in the country even for few days. But with a greatest wonder president ghani announced cease-fire from 27th of Ramadan up to 5th of eid, and at the same time Taliban announced cease-fire on eid days. Now in the first day of this cease fire Taliban released 13 prisoners in Helmand and they have responded positively to this proposal. On the other hand, Logar governor made a phone call to Taliban shadow governor and he has committed that the will give jointly eid day prayers together. He has also added that government is ready to release those Talib fighters whom are not involved in criminal acts.

At the same Taliban has added in their newsletter which was released today that they are willing to release more prisoners from their jails in one condition that they should provide guarantee letter that they will not return to fight against them. Meanwhile, NATO has urged both side that for implementation of this cease fire both sides should stay committed to gather.


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