Pasbanan- Kabul:

In the recent days, ISK fighters are facing a heavy casualties in north of Afghanistan. In a latest report at least 20 ISK fighters including French, Tajik and Uzbek citizens in this group was killed during an air operation in Jozjan province. According to recent reports now this group has started their military movements in Nuristan province after 3 years of secret activates. Sayedullah Nuristani, the provincial council head of Nuristan told Pasbanan news website in a phone conversation: “as Nuristan center is not connected with most of its districts and most of these districts are supported logistically from Kunar province, two days ago ISK fighters attack a convey of police forces whom were going to launch their new bases in Wantwaigal district. After clashes between ISK fighters and police forces in this district at least 2 policemen got injured.”

Mr. Nuristani also adds in this attack ISK fighters used light and heavy equipment such as dushka and RPG7. He added: “until now we do not have the exact statics of ISK fighters in Nuristan province. But as we know that this group is dangerous than Taliban so if they achieve some safe havens in Nuristan a province which is mountainous, than it would be so hard to drive them out from this province.”

now a days the reports come on behalf of ISK activates in Nuristan that according to unconfirmed reports: two Iraqi Families which belongs to ISK has traveled to Panjshair province and currently they are trying to recruit fighters in this province which is neighbored with Nuristan, the reports also adds: that most of people who are loyal to Tahreer party has obeyed them.


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