Pasbanan- Kabul:

The incident that becomes a tragedy and mourned most families. On 30th of April, at least 9 brave and fearless journalists who were defending freedom of speech in the country were killed during covering news report. After the attack on a security check post in front of national directorate of security offices in Shash Darak area of Kabul, journalist rushed to the incident scene as their usual work days. Between 15 minutes after the first incident, a suicide bomber entered among journalist friends and killed at least 9 media employees. Shah Maray photographer, Yaar Mohammad Tokhi video journalist, Ghazi Rasooli Reporter, Saleem Talash Reporter, Ebadullah Hananzai reporter, Sabawon Kakar reporter, Frishta Durani reporter, Nawroz Ali Khamosh Videographer, Ali Salimi were those victims which were working for national and international media outlets and they become heavenly after this attack.

But here are some painful narratives of Sabawon Kakar and one day after they lost their lives. Early morning while the son of Sabawon woke up, he asked about his father, the guy who will never come back and now he is a star of the sky. Benyamin is one and half years old. According to Benyamin’s father’s colleges, early morning while he woke up from the bed, he came to his mom he asked about Sabawon Kakar his father. Benyamin says: “while we have numbers of guests where is his dad and why he is not coming.”

According to Sabayon’s close friends, his wife is six months pregnant. He was one of the victims from media family in Afghanistan that lost his life with 8 other buddies for defending freedom of speech in Afghanistan. Most of the victims were married or newly engaged and some of them were willing to get married in upcoming weeks, but they are no more with us.

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