Pasbanan- Kabul:

In an interview with Russian Television, Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said it seemed that United States had lost sight of its objectives in Afghanistan. He added: “conflict in the country continues without any end in sight, It seems that they US do not know why they are there and what they are going to do or how they are going to get out. The fact of the matter is that 75 percent of Afghanistan witness’s terrorist activity, 45 percent of its territory is not in control of the Afghan government,”

But now, this statement of Pakistan’s Peoples party chairman has its own reactions, Sanjay Kumar a well known Indian Journalist with Afghanistan, told Pasbanan: “Pakistan knows that peace in Afghanistan would mean destabilization for Islamabad. Kabul will never accept Durand line Pakistan knows that A peaceful and sovereign Afghanistan is not in the interest of Islamabad. Pakistan understands that Kabul will claim its stake on the territory across Durand line. Therefore, it suits Islamabad to have a puppet government in Kabul or a destabilized government in the Hindu Kush. The fear of its own existential crisis compels Pakistan to behave the way it behaves- that is to speak in the forked tongue and play double game, that is , to act as an US ally and at the same time patronize the Taliban.”

Meanwhile Aditi Bahaduri is another Indian Journalist and will know analyst with south Asia region issues told us: “I think US had once lost sight of its goals, but the current administration with its America First policy will be much more careful in its engagement with Afghanistan. So we have already seen in President Trump’s South Asia policy where he has not fixed any deadlines unlike earlier administration for the US to achieve its goals in combating terrorism.”

This statement has been made in time that Afghanistan is facing a challenging situation, and meanwhile US is looking to pressurize Islamabad for stopping their support to terror groups.



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