Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Saudi crown prince Mohamed bin Salman says there are over $ 100 billion in investment opportunities in India. Saudi Arabia’s official visit to India has met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moody said terrorism is a common cause between the two countries, and Saudi Arabia is ready to provide new intelligence to New Delhi.

But the visit of Ben Salman to India and his special prime minister’s welcome from Saudi Arabia have raised criticism among the political groups in the country.

Saudi crown prince met with Moody and also said there would be more than $ 100 billion in investment in India over the next two years. And he also said to Moody, “Mr. Prime Minister, we want to work with you to make these investments, and we are sure that both sides will benefit from it.”

Prime Minister Narendra Moody said: “We are trying to maintain solidarity between Saudi and Indian bilateral ties and emphasize the consolidation of economic exchanges between the two countries.

The visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan in the wake of Pakistan’s tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi, accusing India of Pakistan of having carried out suicide bombing operations in Kashmir by terrorist groups under its protection.

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