Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Written by: Shikib Ahmad Nazari

Ahmad Shah Masoud, the lion of Panjshir, the National hero of Afghanistan and the most famous commander of Mujahideen who fought for years against a Soviet army who occupied Afghanistan and martyred on 9 September 2001 by 2 members of al-Qaeda by posing their self as a journalist in Khawaja Bah Uddin district of Takhar province. Ahmad Shah Masoud son of Colonel Dost Mohammad Khan an Afghan army officer during the regime of Mohammad Zahir Shah and grandson of Yahia Khan, one of Panjshir’s elders during Shah Amanullah Khan regime. Masoud was born on 2 September 1953 in Jangalak village of Panjshir province. As Dost Mohammad Khan’s was a high ranking official of the army and during official works, he obligated from one province to another such as Nangarhar, Badakhshan, Baghlan, Ghazni, Herat, and Kabul, and therefore, Masoud along with his family, has visited several provinces during his childhood.

Masoud completed his primary education in Isteqlal high school and entered Kabul Polytechnic, engineering college in 1979 and he also accepted membership of Nahzat Islami party, in the summer of 1975 he led the struggle for the Panjshir uprising against the government and went to Pakistan. After the Communist coup on 27 April 1978, he began his Jihad in Nuristan and Kunar provinces with leading small groups of Mujahideen against the Communist regime. Ahmad Shah Masoud after 3 years of fighting with the Soviet Union in 1982, the red army commander in Afghanistan negotiated a ceasefire agreement, and after 2 years, the agreement was signed. By signing that agreement with Russians actually recognized the Mujahideen as a political party for the first time. Ahmad Shah Masoud using this opportunity to organize the resistance forces against the invasion of Afghanistan and Communist regime outside of Panjshir to create a supervisory council, one of the most systematic military formations.

The former Soviet Union over the air and ground forces 9 times attacks against Ahmad Shah Masoud that become failed and that was followed until the departure of the last Soviet soldier from Afghanistan on 5 October 1990, in Shah Salim Badakhshan province by Ahmad Shah Masoud. Ahmad Shah Masoud after years fighting against Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan and Taliban group he martyred on 9 September 1990 by 2 member of al-Qaeda terrorist networks. After his martyred, Mohammad Qasim Fahim was appointed by Burhanuddin Rabbani to his successor.

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