Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

According to a newsletter released by the National Directorate of Security Mawlawi Edris, known as Abu Yusuf, a Taliban Red company commander for Ghazni province, and one of the most prominent Taliban commanders was killed today during a military operation. The newsletter also states that Abu Yusuf was the proactive commander of Taliban in advancing the Gorilla war against the country’s security forces, and has also played a key role in the planning and organization of offensive, insurgent and guerrilla attacks in Ghazni and other provinces of the country.

In addition, it’s also been said that the prominent Taliban commander has been playing instrumental role in organizing suicide bombings and dispatching suicide bombers to the provinces of the country, and in particular to Kabul City, the newsletter adds that today he was killed an operation of the government and coalition airstrikes in the area of Khogyani district in Nangarhar province.

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