Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Although Afghanistan is threatened by the chaos of its neighbors and powerful powers due to political and economic scarcity, in the most recent case a private company which is unknown in the United States has done a major upheaval for the people of Afghanistan. In the United States, in the most recent case, Amazon Website has featured a new product of Bathroom Rug and Math for its customers which are designed with the 3 colors flag of Afghanistan.

In the samples which are shown on the Amazon website, it is stated that these Mats and Rugs are the newcomer products in US markets. According to Amazon website adds: “Analisahome Toilet cushion suit flag of Afghanistan vector accurate dimensions elements proportions and colors Nonslip, Microfiber Shag, Absorbent, Machine Washable.” However, some sources say that the device has been exported to the US from China and it is produced by a Chinese vendor, the sources say that possibly some people from Pakistan are some who are loyal to Pakistan are behind this scenario.”

The Afghan government has not yet commented on it, but some Afghan citizens in the United States have said they are trying to avoid engagement with Amazon website to prevent this destruction and humiliation, and the main reason for this event after the identification of the case would be to prosecute the company who have committed such act. A number of Afghan citizens call on the government to negotiate with the US embassy as soon as possible to address this challenge and they have urged that the government must try to stop the selling process of Amazon Website.

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