Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Following the publication of the report on insulting Afghanistan at the Amazon website, the Afghanistan Embassy in the United States has announced that they are now negotiating Amazon website without delay after the release of the new on Pasbanan news website. According to the US Embassy’s newsletter in the United States: “With the release of this report, the Afghan embassy entered in negotiations with Amazon website and shared the issue of insulting to the Afghan flag on behalf of government concerns according to this disrespect of some companies, which had been deposited by some of the companies that were involved in this and they had took part on the website.”

The newsletter also states: “The Amazon website, after receiving the concerns of the Afghan Embassy, ​​pledged that it would follow this issues seriously and share results with Afghan government as soon as possible, and companies that intended to insult Afghanistan National Flag would be removed from the list of vendors on this website, and Amazon website has Committed to finalize this issue as soon as possible and has already removed the ads of this product from its website.”

One day ago, the Pasbanan News website released a report that it was on behalf of selling some product for bathroom and it was placed for selling on Amazon website, which was embellished with Afghanistan’s Flag. An issue that raised the sharp reaction of Afghan citizens inside and outside Afghanistan and they urged US and Amazon to stop this ad as soon as possible.

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