Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shakib Zahir

Reports say two Afghan American university professors were recently released from the Taliban. The Taliban announced on Tuesday that they had released two US university professors, according to intelligence sources. Domestic media quoted the New York Times as saying: “Two Afghan American University professors each, Kevin King Australian and Timothy Weeks, were released from Taliban prison in Zabul province.”

But so far, US officials and the Afghan government have not commented. The report comes a day after media released news that three senior members of the Haqqani network were once again released from prison in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, sources close to the Haqqani network have told local media that three members of the Haqqani network, including Anas Haqqani, Mali Khan, and Hafez Saeed, have been released from Bagram Prison in the north of the country and are currently members of the three groups. The Taliban went to Qatar. The three top Taliban members are said to be under house surveillance in Qatar. In 2016, Australian (Kevin King) and American (Timothy Wicks) American University professors were abducted from Kabul, and in the next three years, both Australian and US citizens were held captive by the Taliban.

The reports come as President Ghani recently contacted US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien during a phone call to release the three senior members of the Haqqani network from Bagram Prison, The Taliban must adopt dialogue between Afghans or reduce the group’s violence.

Anas Haqqani is the son of Jalaluddin Haqqani and the brother of Serjuddin Din Haqqani’s nephew, deputy leader of the Taliban group. The Haqqani network was arrested in 2011 by Afghan security forces. Meanwhile, Hafiz Rashid, the political director of the network, was arrested in 2016.

Meanwhile, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in Tawi has praised the release of two Afghan American University professors and has insisted that his country has fully cooperated to free the two foreigners from the Taliban and the Haqqani network. But the release of three members of the Haqqani network has sparked outrage among citizens, claiming that the Afghan government has defamed the Afghan security forces by releasing the three senior and dangerous members of the Haqqani network. The three members of the Haqqani network were thrown into prison by sacrificing Afghan security forces. Citizens, however, insist that the release of Anas Haqqani and his two companions from Bagram Prison will not only help the peace process between Afghans but also the Taliban and the Haqqani network once again capable of carrying out dangerous and complex attacks. To launch Afghanistan.

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