Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

Breshna Company says that according to the decision of the Breshna leadership, the electricity supply was abandoned by a number of debtors who did not pay their electricity bills. Tamim Safi, the technical assistant at the Breshna company in Kabul, at the head of a control group in the Kabul Kabul area, cut off a number of government and non-government hard-liners. Breshna Company has said that the electric power of a number of powerful people was Muhammad Azim, who introduced himself as the nephew of Amanollah Pass. And a number of government departments have been cut off by the Department of the Municipalities of Kabul, where a number of government departments have been subjected to the Department of Mortgage Protection. Nevertheless, officials of the Breshna Company had said that if their debtors did not refine their accounts with the company, their electricity line will be cut off.

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