Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

The Breshna administration has published a newsletter: “In order to prevent electricity losses and to bring electricity to the capital, Breshna’s head of the Breslau administration has commissioned a new 110-kilowatt 110-kilowatt Ampere capacity after surveys. »

“The construction work of this Substation in 2017, started at a cost of US $ 6 million with the help of the World Bank by Turkish-owned AK-AY firm, is under the supervision of DABS,” said Noor Akbar Zazai, Was.”Mr. Akbari adds: “By activating this new Serobi substation network, in addition to preventing electricity losses, the development of the network will have a positive impact.”Meanwhile, currently the electricity of the Afghan capital comes from Uzbekistan, and this electricity, transmitted through the northern provinces of the country to Kabul, is more vulnerable in the mountainous parts of its bases, and it is possible every time there is a stop to electricity transmission to Kabul.

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