Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammaddin Agharkhail

The campaign of “#Where is ATRA?” which has created a storm of massive protest among users of telecommunication networks have raised citizens’ objections. In the most recent case, the campaign facilitators have announced the release of new images under the name “Do not steal our credit cards”, saying that the campaign will be conducted widely across Kabul from tomorrow.

Mirwais Aria, one of the officials of this campaign, said: “From tomorrow, we will go beyond social networks.” This time, we will be in line with the people who use telecommunication services but have not much access to social networks in order to play a more active role in this decisive campaign. ”

“#Where is ATRA?” campaign begun about two months ago, users of telecommunication networks launched a massive protest on the low telecommunication services on social networks earlier and it was managed by the citizens from all around Afghanistan.

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