Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Anthony Feinstein the Canadian University of Toronto Professor dedicated his recent book called “War Photographers” to the name of Martyr Shah Mary Faizi. According to “NAI Afghanistan free media supporter”  newsletter: “In an interview with Anthony Feinstein, he said: When the book of “War Photographers ” was prepared for print, I became aware of Shah Maray’s death, it was impossible for me to do not dedicate it to late Shah Maray ”

Shah Mary Faizi was one of the most famous photographers of the AFP news agency in Kabul, who died during a suicide bombing in 2018, with eight other news reporters in the 9th district of Kabul. Meanwhile, Abdul Mujeeb Khalwatagar, director of “NAI” office, said in an interview with Pasbanan News Agency: “In the past seventeen years, more than 100 journalists and media activists in Afghanistan have lost their lives. Victims of the Afghan media family and media activists are now in the worst possible conditions, but they are committed to informing their citizens with any cost. ”

“All efforts dedication and protection of the functioning for the victims of the Afghan media family is worthy of praise,” said Mr. Khalwatgar, adding that the name and activities of the reporters would be permanently mentioned in the country. “

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