Kabul – Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Mohammad Nabi Karimi

Abdullah Aziz Ebrahimi, spokesman for the Independent Election Commission, told the media: “Out of the 14 presidential candidates, 12 failed to win at least 10 percent of the votes, so each of these candidates deposed one million Afghani as bank guarantee so the IEC is willing to fine them as they were unable to get 10 percent of votes. Meanwhile these candidates has paid the commission a bank guarantee before holding the Afghan election, in order to be eligible to participate in the elections.”

Mr. Ebrahimi also adds: “Those candidates who won at least 10 percent of the vote, and the five presidential candidates who had given up on the election process, had their money back as a guarantee to the commission they will receive their money back.”

Based on the IEC list twelve candidates to be fined, are including Gulabudin Hekmatyar, Rahmatullah Nabil, Faramarz Tamana, Sayed Nourullah Jalili, Abdul Latif Pedram, Enayatullah Hafez, Mohammad Hakim Torrsan, Ahmad Wali Masoud, Ghulam Farooq Nejrabi and Noor Rahman lewal, are among those candidates who have been failed to win ten percent of the vote.

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