Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

The spokesman for the presidential palace stated in a press conference: “If necessary, the government will change in the composition of the negotiating body of the government’s peace talks, and this delegation will become even larger.” Haroon Chakhansory stresses that the delegation will change on condition that the various stages of the peace process will identify which dialogue panel will be more effective with what strategy and combination.

He also highlighted that the team, team composition, and how the negotiating team is working and advising and will partner with the Afghan people every time it comes to an end. Haroon Chakhansory added that the government is ready to talk with the representatives of the Taliban, which is scheduled to be held in Qatar in the near future, added that if the Taliban guarantees that they will negotiate with the representatives of the Government of Afghanistan directly at the meeting, Afghanistan will attend this meeting otherwise they will not participate in the Qatar Summit.

Mr. Chakhansory added: “There were rumors in the past days that it was said that there was no budget for holding elections, but we assure citizens that there is a complete budget for the presidential elections, the government of Afghanistan has all the readiness. The ministry of finance, the technical team, and the Afghan security team are ready to hold elections and there is no problem and the elections will be held in time. “

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