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Reporter: Qudratullah Lashkari

A fox living in northwest France was killed by a herd of chickens who wanted to enter a chicken nest. This incident happened in one of the agriculture schools of France, where six thousand chickens were kept.

This fox has entered the chicken farm last weekend at the school closure, and it seems that it was trapped behind the automatic birdhouse closing with the sunset. The students at Le Gros Chêne School found the body of the fox at the beginning of the week when while they entered back to the schoolyard.

At the same time, a large number of chickens attacked the fox and had been thrown with their beaks. Pascal Danny, director of the school, says: “the chickens are staying outside of their news all day long and are accustomed to waging war with older birds. That’s why it’s possible that when the fox arrives in the living area, they are likely to defend themselves, which led to the murder of the fox. ”

According to the director of the school, the chickens attacked the fox in a group and threw him in a corner and, until he tore off his stomach, did not give up. The last time a fox came to the farm last year and according to the school officials, that event had a different outcome and many chickens were killed.

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