Pasbanan- Kabul:

While it was expected that National Unity Government will begin the process of distributing electric ID cards this year. But in the latest issue “Sapidar Palace” published a newsletter, according to that: “The Afghan executive believes that distribution of electric ID Cards as one of the major national issues requires more discussion and precision than national consensus and a general agreement on this issue. To arrive to this end, in order to achieve national consensus and collective agreement and to avoid further disagreements, the Chief Executive called for a delay in the distribution of electrical ID Cards. ”

According newsletter, Mr. Abdullah will call for a delay in this week’s meeting with President Ghani. The newsletter adds: “The chief executive speaks with president on Saturday in this regard. The issue of distributing electric ID’s should be discussed and resolved at the level of the Afghan government. ”

But election observatories say: delay in distribution of electronic ID’s will provide an opportunity to repeat widespread fraud in upcoming election. However, a few days ago, the head of state registration agency announced that daily Afghan citizens in 34 provinces receive 30-40 thousand paper ID cards and it will help to organize upcoming elections.

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