Pasbanan- Kabul:

Turkish Prime Minister Ali Yildirim arrived in Kabul today to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries. Mr. Yilderm, once again emphasized on the deportation of Afghan refugees from his country in a meeting with Abdullah Abdullah, the executive chief of the National Unity Government, He said: “As for asylum seekers, we have begun expulsion since 2015 Of course, the ultimate responsibility comes to the decision makers of the two interior ministries. We have made agreements and we expect to make further progress in this regard.”

But the most important issue is the return of Abdul Rashid Dostum, the country’s deputy prime minister from Turkey to Afghanistan. While the Turkish prime minister did not express his point of view, Abdullah Abdullah, the chief executive of Unity Government, said: “We also talked about the return of the first deputy prime minister. We demand that all citizens of the country live in unity, in our opinion, Afghanistan is a common home and political figures have a special place in the country, In this case, the prime minister will also talk with the president. ”

Afghan and Turkish officials say about the responsibility of Afghan-Turkish schools in the country: Expect this course to be finalized soon and the education system in these schools will be further developed.

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