Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s chief executive, is now in the Indian city of Mumbai, he said in an interview with Indian media that to curb terrorist attacks, neighboring countries should be subjected to pressure by the international community. In an interview with Indiana TV, Mr. Abdullah said, “The presence of terrorist nests outside of Afghanistan is still a big threat and danger to the country, and we must engage with neighboring countries that support them.” He also added:” In my opinion, this can be an external factor for the durability of the conflict in Afghanistan, and inside the country, the intelligence forces need to be strengthened. The countries that support insurgency outside of Afghanistan should be put at greater pressure by the international community to stop terrorizing the region.”

While the number of terrorist attacks has increased in northern and central Afghanistan, Mr. Abdullah now insists that popular support in Afghanistan should be enhanced to fight these groups. “The most important issue is the support of the Afghan security forces by the citizens, who are now stubbornly supporting these forces,” he added: “Therefore, we are trying to build this mutual support and increase cooperation between security forces and citizens of the country. ”

Mr. Abdullah emphasizes once more on putting pressure on supporting terrorist countries that the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has repeatedly spoken about Islamabad’s unprecedented isolation in the political arena in the international community. These comments were made by a high ranking official of Afghanistan at a time that during clashes between Afghan forces and terrorists more than 25 Pakistani Taliban militants were killed two days ago as a result of the clashes between security forces and the Taliban in Paktia, whose bodies remained on the battlefield.

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