Pasbanan- Kabul:

Currently, regional countries are concerned about security situation in the north of Afghanistan. According to a Chinese Think Tank, the Chinese military is increasing their presence in the bordered area of Gorno of Badakhshan. According to reports after ISIS militants expand their presence in North of Afghanistan, currently, regional countries are trying to make some alliance for tackling ISIS and Islamic extremist’s presence in the region.

According to international crisis group report which was published on Wednesday has claimed that Chinese military is upgrading their presence in Tajikistan. According to report: “China has deployed soldiers and built a counterterrorism center in Tajikistan near the three-way border of Tajikistan, China, and Afghanistan.”

China has repeatedly warned about ethnic Uighur militants who have left their homeland in western China to join extremist groups such as the Turkistan Islamic Party, a predominantly Uighur group that has bases in Syria and Afghanistan and is allied with al-Qaida and the Taliban.

The Chinese defense ministry did not immediately respond comment. But meanwhile, the afghan defense ministry has refused this report and claimed that there are no military activities alongside three neighboring countries borders until now.

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