Pasbanan- Kabul:

Turkey’s energy minister says: “We plan to build the third Turkey nuclear power plant in the Trakya province of the country, with the participation of the Chinese, following the construction of the” Aqyou “and “Senop” nuclear power plants. Turkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fateh Dunmaz said in an interview with the A Haber television channel, referring to Turkey’s efforts to explore oil and gas in the Mediterranean, saying Turkey has been looking for oil and gas for nearly five years in the Mediterranean Sea.”

According to Mr. Dunmaz: “We have gained very important information during this period. Insha’Allah will be the first to dig deep this year. Ship and equipment for this drilling has been provided and will begin its operational phase within one to two months. “Turkey’s energy minister has also said its country plans to conquer hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean.


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