Pasbanan- Kabul:

Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Afghan National Security Advisor, has called for the establishment of a mountain brigade in Badakhshan, with the head of the Chinese Army chief of staff. Mr. Atmar told Chinese officials: “Creating this mountain brigade can play an effective role in the fight against terrorist attacks and prevent large-scale operations of terrorist groups.”

Afghan National Security Advisor has recognized the role of the SCO member countries so important in fighting against terror and providing regional peace and stability, he emphasized the development of the role of these countries, adding that all Shanghai organization member states should work in the fight against insurgency, for bringing Peace and stability of the region. Mr. Atmar also said that the organization could play an important role in equipping Afghan security forces, especially the air force.

The Chinese Army Chief of Staff, Lee Zucchini, said the terrorist threat is a common danger for the entire region and the world and emphasized on joint efforts to eradicate this phenomenon. He added that China will continue to work with the Afghan government in all fields, especially on equipping the security forces of the country.

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