Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

After publishing a new article on Mullah Omar Taliban’s found by the American newspaper Wall Street Journal which was stated that Mullah Omar was in Afghanistan a few steps far away from the American forces base in Afghanistan until his death, the presidential palace now believe that this report  is false and imaginary. “The report published by wall street journal is incomplete, frivolous and fictitious, which unfortunately gives the Taliban and their supporters a false identity,” said Haroon Chakhansouri, spokesman for President Ghani.

“The government of Afghanistan has enough evidence that shows Mullah Omar presence since the collapse of the group until his death in Pakistan, so the reality of the Taliban and their leader is clear to the entire world.” Said Mr. Chkhansory.

According to the Wall Street Journal, quoted the German author of book called “behind the enemy”, report said that Mullah Omar and his guard, Jabar Omar, lived in Afghanistan after the collapse of the Taliban regime until he died at a distance of few hundred yards from US and CIA bases, and he was inspirational leader for The Taliban have hide his deaths for two years in 2013 to prevent them collapse of the group

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