Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

Hashtag, “#Where is ATRA?” Pulled the officials from telecoms office to the Government media centre, and he inevitably announced that telecommunications companies had committed to increasing the quality of their telecommunications services in 1398 and, if not, these companies will be fined. But will the government and, in particular, the ATRA or Telecommunication Office of the Afghan Ministry of Information Technology have this capacity?

Apparently, the tired citizens from the theft of telecommunication companies have considered these statements by the ATRA as a joke of the day and insist that the revenue channels of a number of a source to the Ministry of Communications will never be closed. “It’s very funny for me to miss out on the lost atrium and give up the fine for telecoms,” said Abdullah Hayati, a resident of Kabul, in response to a correspondent for Pasbanan. “I think it’s miraculous.”

These statements are not only strange for the abusive Kabul residents but also the Hashtag campaign organizers, “Where’s Where?” Are also believed that ATRA is trying to make “soft” appetizers for people who are angry. The campaign’s regulators say they are launching a “Twitter storm” to stop the theft and corruption of responsible institutions and shout there at the Presidential Palace and the Spider Palace. Hashtag campaign “Getting ahead of the piracy of ATRA” has started today on Saturday and is scheduled to be expanded in the coming days.

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