Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Maiwand Nawabi

A number of citizens, who went to the polling stations yesterday in various provinces but were not given the opportunity to vote, believed this was well-organized and deliberated act. “This problem was in some voting centers that usually had a significant impact on the fate of the elections,” said Mrs. Fatima, a resident of the western district of Kabul who was denied the right to vote. She added: “But in my opinion, it was an intention to remove citizens from the voting list to make some electoral frauds for a specific candidate.”

Others citizen’s claims that a number of IEC members have made this challenge so for, to fulfill the interest of a particular candidate. “In the parliamentary elections, I came and voted for House of Representatives, in 4th district of Kabul in the Jumat Khana polling station, but now my name is not on the list,” said Abdul Sakhour, a resident of Kabul’s fourth district. “I believe that these problems are done by the orders of some circles and it has been done at specific centers in a systematic way to reduce the votes of a particular candidate.”

The failure of citizens to vote and not to use the biometric system in the presidential election of 2019 is one of the key challenges for the presidential election ahead, which has already raised concerns. Let’s see how this process can affect the election results and the candidates’ victory.

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