Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

On the one hand, the Taliban sit with a US delegation in Qatar, engaging in peace talks, and on the other hand, the group has expanded their attacks on the Afghan cities. In the latest case, yesterday, the group conducted its most dangerous and horrifying attack on the facilities of the Defense Ministry, which in addition caused heavy casualties and financial losses to the citizens of the country and this attack frightened them. This horrific event broke the glasses of homes and other areas which are miles away and caused panic in the hearts of the Kabul citizens. Capitalists now believe that Kabul is the worst and horrifying city to live in.

Ebadullah, a resident of Kabul, says: “Life in Kabul has now turned into an accident, I believe, I’m very frightened when the carriers are passing in the streets, I feel that the explosives are there and these trucks may explode at any moment. To be realistic even you can’t trust people and drivers is daunting for me. I do not know why and how, but at least I’m so anxious and worried that I will run away to get out of this situation and get to Europe.”

Abdul Manan, who is the seller himself, says in a conversation with Pasbanan Media Group that the loss of citizens in the terrorist attacks, especially yesterday’s attack, is unbearable. “If anyone closes the gate firmly, I feel that another suicide attack had occurred somewhere in the city or someone has blown up himself, I have been so terrified in recent days, I was passing yesterday from the event site after the attack happened, and I realized that part of the Kabul city, which is the capital, is full of military faces. And the city has become completely militarized, and everyone is struggling to corner himself. I do not know how long this brutality will continue on us, what sin we have, that they kill us every day and sacrifice us for various excuses and their own benefit.”

The terrorist attacks in Kabul and other cities in the country have filled the citizens’ patience, the capital’s residents believe the intelligence and discovery sectors in the country, and in particular, in Kabul, are unable because they have not been able to identify the terrorists and their influential so far. Which is collaborating with terrorists inside Kabul every day? Capital residents want the government to take serious measures to prevent malicious terrorist attacks.

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