Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

A number of residents in Herat city have called for the mayor’s dismissal by the central government as soon as possible. The protesters have urged the government that the Mayor should be dismissed, otherwise they will continue their protest against the current mayor. According to Herat Provincial office Newsletter: “Protesters claim that in less than six months they have protested several times against the municipality head of this province, but the central government has not paid any attention to this issue. Therefore, they will protest up to the time that the mayor should be dismissed.”

According to sources in Herat, the mayor of the province has been installed by a close associate of the president for collecting money from the municipality to spend the money on the election campaign of president Ghani and the same authority supports him. While the gates of the Herat municipality were kept closed to the residents after the widespread protest of the residents of the province, and nobody has the right to enter the municipality building, which has delayed the routine works of the citizens related to Herat Municipality and have increased the anger of protesters than ever before.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Dawood Anwari, the Herat Mayor, has refuted these claims and denounced that all the protesters are supported by influential of Herat and insisted that they were protesting in the order of some powerful men in the province. He continues to emphasize that some public officials are also clearly engaged in provoking protesters.

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