Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhill

After murder of Mahsa, a six-year-old girl by the kidnappers in Kabul, now the angry citizens of the capital and they want an immediate hang of the perpetrators of this incident. In the most recent case, some of the Kabul citizens have urged the government and sentence them to death. The citizens have launched a social campaign”# Mahsa’s murderers must be hanged”. Mahsa six years old girl was kidnapped in the eleventh police district of Kabul was killed one day ago and this six-year-old girl was hanged by the kidnappers due to not receiving money which was requested from the Mahsa’s family.

Users of social networks, especially Facebook, are responding sharply to the government and the Kabul police forces to punish the perpetrators of the incident at the earliest opportunity. Ibrahim Bakhtali, a Facebook user, wrote in a message: “Ghani, if you are a Muslim and you are born from a Muslim parents, you should order the execution of these criminals to calm the spirit of Mahsa. These killers should not be forgiven.” Ramin another Facebook user has wrote on his page: “If such killers are hanged in public, such crimes will never repeat such brutal act.”

At the same time Attorney General’s Office has released a newsletter stating that the perpetrators of this case will be investigated as soon as possible. The Prosecutor General’s Office has wrote in their newsletter: “The security and intelligence agencies will investigate the matter as soon as possible and this case will be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office after completing of the investigative process. In order to further investigate and punish the perpetrators of the crime. Such incidents are unbearable and will be punished to the perpetrators of the crime.”

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