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In the year 2016, Ghani called Ninth Hoot a Soldier Day, and this day became the official calendar of Afghanistan.

The (28th Feb) soldier day naming philosophy goes back to the proclamation of the declaration of freedom of Afghanistan, when Amanullah Khan wrote to his famous nobleman in the ninth hunt that he has complete independence in his internal and external affairs. ” President Ghani was called the “National Soldier” Day to celebrate efforts, sacrifices and victims of the security forces. According to statistics provided by President Ghani of 2015, at least twenty-eight and five hundred and twenty new (28,529) Afghan soldiers have been victimized in face-to-face talks with terrorists, a large number of soldiers Who have lost their lives in the front line of the fight against global terror.

In the third year of the National Soldier’s Day, the government celebrated this day in a different and magnificent way. The capital’s roads were decorated with Afghan trilogy trims and pictures of security forces. Kabul received another symbol of gratitude, thanks to the sacrifices and efforts of the country’s military.

“The Afghan security forces are a solid and unbroken wall against terrorists and their backers,” said resident Abdul Ahad. As announced, nearly 3,000 troops were sacrificed in less than three years. We believe this reflects the efforts of the children of this land to protect their peers. ”

Afghanistan, which has witnessed the terrorist activities of internal and external groups, has witnessed the victim of a large number of security forces in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Some other capitalists believe that the increase in the loss of security forces has been due to the expansion of regional cooperation with terrorists.

Yassin, another resident of Kabul, believes that the hostile efforts of the regional states and international power struggles have increased the number of victims of the security forces. “When the countries in the region endangered their interests, they supported the opposition and foreign terrorist groups,” he says. “We are now seeing, reading and hearing about Iran, Russia and other countries.” That the Taliban will acquire modern equipment to fight the security forces. ”

Others also believe that if more than that, the 35-million people in the land will be shoved by the soldiers to the bottom of their chests. Abdullah, who lost his eye on Helmand’s suicide attack, insists: “The terrorists, as they kill us, blow up and blow up and continue to bloodshed in our country, we are wiping out their goals.” We are not Let the world know that the citizens of this land support their soldiers and their geography, even though this war ends at the expense of their blood. ”

(28th Feb) is being celebrated in Afghanistan, which is now threatening Afghans working with the Taliban and foreign fighters affiliated with this group to dominate most of the country. These groups have been more focused on pointing out the Afghan security and defense forces on the front lines of the conflict, a case that has been answered by the security forces in an abandoned way.

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