Reporter: Shirzad Mohammadi

Coordinator: Mahdi Naybi

(29th Feb) is equal to the soldier’s day. The support of the Afghan security forces by the citizens of the country is one of the most important and fundamental issues that is being done. Some citizens on the occasion of the (28th Feb) say that the dream of the dismantling of security forces by terrorists will be buried with the fighters of this group. “In any case, we are in the presence of the security forces, they are in great difficulty to defend our country and our soil,” said Kabul resident Latif Hamidi.

For the citizens of the military, they have contributed to the conditions and opportunities. All that is in this citizen is all the achievements of the blessing of these soldiers. “As the army is said to be dissolved, we will never ask for this and stay with them.” Meanwhile, the head of youth of Loya Paktia Milad Zadran emphasizes that the security forces of the country stand against any aggression and every citizen is responsible to stand with them and their families.

Mr. Zadran added: “We will be present with the Afghan security forces and will try to defend them in all circumstances. In my opinion, the dissolution of the army is a fearsome dream, and this will never be realized. ”

Meanwhile, Allah Nazar Moradi, a military expert on Iran’s security forces, strongly criticized the military leadership, adding: “Until now, Afghan security forces have not been able to identify those who have been involved in some form of corruption within the system. Corruption in the system has caused the security forces to be sacrificed, for example, the presence of terrorists in the body of the security forces has been one of the causes of corruption. So the biggest mistake is this. ”

The national soldier or (28th Feb) of the hunt throughout Afghanistan is celebrated with special military events and various other programs, which are now at the forefront of their efforts to seize the Afghan security and defense forces. In addition, the regional intelligence has provided advanced equipment to these groups to threaten the national interests of Afghanistan.

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