Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

A number of civil society activists against Moscow’s Russian embassy called that Moscow summit is ineffective and said that those who participated in the meeting of the people of Afghanistan are not trustworthy for the people of Afghanistan. Meanwhile (Mehdi Mishr), the head of Citizenship Movement, says: We reject the Moscow meeting because the representatives of civil society, youth, women, the media, and the council of scholars are not present at this meeting.

Therefore, we ask all countries not to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. If they really want peace, sit with the government of Afghanistan and talk with government, and the thee people of the country do not want the Taliban group work again. and if they believe in peace, talk with the people and government of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, peace talks between the country’s big politicians and representatives of the Taliban in Moscow were criticized by the citizens of the country.

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