Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad din Agharkhail

At the height of intense clashes between security forces and the Taliban in Abkamari and Bala Murghab district of Badghis, local authorities in the province announce the surrender of at least 32 army members to Tthe Taliban. “The Taliban’s aggressive attacks on the district’s command and prison building in the district of Bala Murghab, Abdul Aziz Baig, told the media that Taliban’s were able to seize and control the two governmental major buildings and these facilities had fallen into the hands of Taliban, and at least 32 soldiers had surrendered to the fighters of The group after a heavy clashes between two sides.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense believes that collapse of Balamorghab in to Taliban hands are rumors and for pushing back Taliban from these provinces the commando forces have already been sent to Badghis, and Yassin Zia, the first deputy head of the Ministry of Defense, has taken the lead in this battle. Meanwhile, the spokesman for Defense Ministry Qais Mangal, in a contact with the Pasbanan, has said that the Taliban have been able to inflict heavy casualties on the Taliban because of the air and ground attacks on the Taliban.

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