Pasbanan- Kabul:

Members of Afghanistan National workers association were beaten by Kabul Garnezyoon. According to reports around 5, AM Kabul security forces attacked ANWA for capturing their property but the members of this association resisted. They forced workers to leave their property. Maroof Qaderi chief of Afghanistan national workers association said in an interview with PMG: “last night we got a report that Kabul security forces are trying to capture our properties by force. Since that, around 100 members of our association gathered in the office, but 5 AM security forces came to the area and when we resist they forced us. The forces hit our doors by using armor tanks and enter to our office to arrest us. I ask the government if there is any confusion please contact us by legal addresses. These equipment are for securing Kabul citizens not beating workers. It is not fair to force us to abandon our property.”

According to reports in clashes between workers and security forces, chief, deputy chief and members of Afghanistan national workers association were beaten. Sweeta Azimi is one of the members who was bitten by police. She says: “while we resist and did not permit security forces to enter in our office they forced us, two women police arrest me. First, the beat me so much and after that, they tore my clothes. My hand got injured, after a while, I was in observation of security forces for several hours.”

It is worth to say after this incident several workers association members were arrested by security forces for several hours. At the same time, today members of workers association closed doors of Work ministry for several hours and they urged to finalize their problem. With all efforts, we were unable to have the statement of Kabul security forces.

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