Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The Russian embassy in Kabul last night hosted dozens of senior government officials, political and military figures in Afghanistan to commemorate the one centenary of diplomatic relations between (Afghanistan-Russia). At the ceremony, the Russian ambassador to Kabul, Alexander Mantitski, said their government is determined to continue to work with the people of Afghanistan. “We celebrate the 100th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Russia, which we are now working on with the Afghan people in the areas of infrastructure, development, and education, and this cooperation will continue,” Mr. Mantitski added.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of National Unity government who attended the ceremony, emphasizes that diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Russia are of great importance to the people of this country, because Russia is a long-standing neighbor of Afghanistan, and always Has contributed to the development of the country. “Undoubtedly, the diplomatic ties between Afghanistan and Russia are completing its hundredth anniversary, which now Moscow has played a key role in all areas with the Afghan government,” said Mr. Abdullah. “We also need to cooperate now jointly with Moscow, because the drugs and the fight against terrorism are two common concerns for the countries of the region, and we hope that the two countries will jointly address these concerns and it will help two countries to extended Kabul and Moscow Relationship.”

Russia commemorates the 100 years diplomatic relationship with Afghanistan in Kabul, where the presence of terrorists in the geography of Afghanistan has been considered threatening for itself and the countries of Central Asia from time to time, and Russian officials have emphasized that the geography of Afghanistan may be converted to a safe haven for terrorists if they won’t be any joint support.

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