Pasbanan- Kabul:

Today Kabul is in a strange silence. While in palaces behind closed doors commemorate 31st anniversary of expulsion of Red Army soldiers by Afghans, all Kabul roads are emptier than yesterday. The government has also announced a public holidays to commemorate this day. Instead of a country in Afghanistan, it now hosts 40 unwanted guests who farther away from their land have made Afghanistan as war laboratories to survive their countries. On the one hand, the Taliban have got Russian-made weapons and Pakistani military advisers support, and on the other hand, the country’s military has been standing to defeat them with United States and NATO equipment’s and supports. But among these, all citizens of Afghanistan are sacrificed and prefer to survive hunger instead to fight these abnormalities.

The private sector may lose millions of Afghani’s on holidays, but what is the fate of 31 years after departure of the Red Army. Perhaps few of former mujaheddin thought that with departure of Soviet Union from Afghanistan, the country would face abnormalities that would be main accused of these misfortunes for future generations. But profits of some of the leaders and play of the people proves this bitter truth that all the misfortunes of the present jihad and the battle were, because in the first attempt to leave the Soviet Union thought auspicious step, but with the internal battle for The achievement of power and the surrender of jihad by former leaders to Pakistan has led Afghanistan to become a hotbed of battle for region and extremists. There are few in Afghanistan who has not had a good or bad legacy of this erosion campaign against the former Soviet Union.

But in current situation, a new alert has called for the intervention of the two world powers (Washington and Moscow) in Afghanistan. Now, Moscow has looked for revenge for its long-standing defeat from its traditional rival in Afghanistan. While the battle is now farther away from the of these two powers, the predictions are such that these contradictions and tensions are being prepared for the Third World Battle. Citizens of Afghanistan have another perspective on this issue. They say that if the proxy battle between the two countries in Afghanistan is unveiled for the citizens of the United States and Russia, and more telling pain of the loss of loved ones and their fragmentation to the Americans and the Russians, perhaps that the power of the could bring down to knee the false politicians and The wisdom in Washington and Moscow has been replaced by another to sacrifice the citizens of this land. On the other hand, this influence of power in the two powerful countries that have given rise to democracy and human rights can make it easy for Afghans to breathe. Instead of commemorating this holiest day behind closed doors and highly protected palaces, the Afghan government should prepare itself for fresh solutions to prevent new alarms from deteriorating status and interference with Moscow’s presence in the country.

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