Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shikib Ahmad Nazari

Supporters of Ahmad Shah Masoud were Patrolling in this day with arms has increased concerns among a number of capital residents. The caravan of Ahmad Shah Masoud’s supporters in 9th of Sep while Ahmad Shah Masoud martyred fired by and put citizens in fair. According to reports, these patrols in several areas of capital have increased these concerns. While the Ministry of interior and Kabul Gaurdnision warned the fans of Afghanistan national hero to do not disturb residents, or they will take serious measures against them. Videos released on social media indicate the collision of this caravan with citizens.

Meanwhile, a number of these supporters covered their cars in deferent colors and Commander Masoud photo, and each car carries several gunmen. At the same time, national Hero close relatives including chief executive and his son mentioned that firing in streets means terror of National hero for the second time.

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