Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ferdowsi Rasouli

The Independent Election Commission today (Sunday, December 22) announced the preliminary results of the presidential election.

According to these results, Ashraf Ghani came in second with 923,868 votes (50.64%) and Abdullah Abdullah with 720,990 (39.52%).

The sixth presidential election was held. Preliminary results were to be announced at 27 and final results on 16 October, but the calendar was postponed by the IEC.

The IEC recounted more than 8,000 polling stations and audits, which the commission faced with opposition from a number of electoral teams, including Abdullah Abdullah’s “Stability and Convergence” team.

Despite opposition, the IEC completed the recount and audit process in 27 provinces. In the other seven provinces, this process failed due to opposition from a number of election teams. Finally, a month later, Abdullah asked his supporters to allow the commission to recount the votes of the remaining seven provinces.

The IEC has now announced the preliminary results as the Stability and Convergence team and another led by Rahmatullah Nabil insist on recounting and re-auditing 27 provinces.

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