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Report: Shershah Nawabi

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) chairman has said that the government has been able to hold elections in more than 200 polling centers in 22 provinces. These centers were shut down yesterday due to technical and security challenges. The Independent Election Commission (IEC) chief, Abdul Badai Sayad, has affirmed that more than 3 million citizens of the country have joined the process and their contribution was wide spared in this election. He also emphasized that the counting process has been completed in 80 percent of the country’s polling centers.

According to Mr. Sayad: “The security forces were able to courageously secure election security, and mobile teams in different areas are in the service of Afghan military men’s so that they also exercise their right to vote. Misleading propaganda in order to defame the election is a struggle by some people and those who want to fail this process because this time there will not be any chance of fraud to anyone that enters to House of Representatives due to fraud. ”

The Independent Election Commission’s financial and administrative deputy believes that people have relied on the election process in the country. “The widespread presence of people in voting centers reflects the success of the election process’s management, citizens of the country should not be subjected to criticisms of some of the currents since only250 candidates would be able to enter the House of Representatives from 2565 candidates. Therefore, they would criticize this process” Said Mahazullah Dawlati in a press conference.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the Independent Election Commission (IEC) said news coverage and media awareness were a key factor in the success of the election. Sayed Hafizullah Hashemi added in a news conference held by the Independent Election Commission’s officials: “There have been shortcomings in the current election process, but the commission has taken responsibility for ensuring transparency in this election. The election process has been satisfactory in most polling stations.”

But the citizens of the country considered the election extremely poor, according to reports, more than 5,000 complaints have been filed at the Electoral Complaints Commission so far, and the complaints process will begin soon.

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