Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Several days of heavy-handed armed opposition strikes continued in the Baghlan Tala-Wa-Barfak districts which resulted fall down of several security forces check posts in the hands of the Taliban. A security source who did not want to be named, in a conversation with the Pasbanan Media Group News agency, confirmed that the Taliban have seized several checkpoints in the area of Tarmoush and Dahan Khelar from Afghan security forces. “There are hundreds of Taliban militants gathered from Dahneh Ghouri district entering the district’s strategic areas, which are bordered with the districts of Tala-Wa-Barfak, Doushi, Khenjan, and Andarb, to threaten the districts,” the source said.

Security sources in Baghlan continue to say that if the air strikes were not used until the next few hours to stem the Taliban’s movements, the district will fall into the hands of the Taliban. Another security source told that the several local Taliban commanders have been killed in a battle with the security forces face to face. The source insists that the commander Musa and his brother Qari Assad are two of the famous Taliban commanders in the Tala-Wa-Barfak district, which have been eradicated until now.

Meanwhile, the commander of the army in Baghlan, Abbas Tavakoli, told the Pasbanan Media Group that the new troops will soon arrive in Tala-Wa-Barfak, and in addition to supporting the Taliban’s movements, they will have air support. According to reports, more than 80 percent of the Tala-Wa-Barfak districts of Baghlan are under Taliban control.

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