Reporter: Shaker Sangi

Khaled Moahed told media that according to the proposal of the General Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Narcotics and the court’s order, the center was confiscated and confiscated by more than 250,000 Afghani and 510 US dollars, according to press and press center of the Judiciary Center for Combating Drugs and Drugs. Accounts Payable to DAB Bank.

Mr. Moahed added that in addition to the confiscated sums, 13 vehicles, 3 motorcycles, 44 mobile telephones, there are 39 suspects, including 3 public service employees, which are related to 35 cases of smuggling and drug trafficking by organs Security and Assistance were arrested.

According to Mr. Moahed, head of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Drugs and Narcotics, he has completed the investigation of 18 cases of drug trafficking crimes and sent to the prosecutor’s office for prosecution in order to arrange the charges, and 2 Disqualification ratio has been sent to the relevant authorities after submission.

Also, the head of the Attorney General’s Office for the Fight against Drugs and Drug Addiction has filed a lawsuit against 25 people in connection with the 16 crimes of drug trafficking and drug trafficking, after arranging the dispute in the primary court of the fight against drugs and drug trafficking.

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