Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Reports from Balkh shows that after releasing of a newsletter from the office of Ata Mohammad Noor, the former governor of the province and the executive director of the Jamyat Islami Party, the city has become a full-fledged military figure and residents of Mazar-e-Sharif are disturbed. Some residents in Balkh say that nobody is worried about this nation. By publishing images of the turbulent situation in Balkh, they insist that the presidential palace and international community should know what is happening now in Balkh.

Some other residents in Balkh are worried that the new tensions between Ashraf Ghani and Atta Mohammad Noor will cause violence and viciousness in the province, residents of the province emphasize that the leaders are still confronted with their own interests, not interests of the citizens and they are working for their own benefit. They insist that the presidential palace, supported by Yusuf Ghazanfar, is trying to make changes in the local government of Balkh, but Atta Mohammad Noor has been prepared for military intervention to prevent the presidential palace from implementing of this decree.

Meanwhile, the deputy chief of Interior Ministry has wrote in his twitter that special forces are been sent from Kabul to Balkh and they are willing to comply the presidential decree and the introduction of the new head of Balkh, the head of public health, the head of the port of Ashtray Hartehn, the deputy mayor and the head of oil.

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