Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Gulab-u-Din Amiri

Munir Ahmad Bakhtiar, Ghazni traffic director, told the Pasbanan Media Group News Agency: “The incident happened last night in the “Tudeh Chineh” area of Abband district where four children, three women, and five men lost they’re live. Mr. Bakhtiar, the traffic director of Ghani, also said: “This traffic accident happened when a passenger car collided with a gas tanker. After the incident, the driver of the gas tanker has fled from the area and the reason for the accident was the speeding and traffic rules violations by the drivers of the two vehicles.”

According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Health, the traffic incidents in Afghanistan have victimized the Afghan citizens more than the casualties of the explosions and suicide attacks. The ministry announced on the fifth of this month in the current year that in the last six months nearly four thousand traffic incidents across the country have resulted in the deaths of 322 people and the wounding of 2,0000 others.

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